Top 5 Secrets Why Thought Leadership Creates Revenue

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On the surface, thought leadership seems just like any other content marketing strategy. It has to be unique, relevant, valuable, and engaging - the primary factors that have crowned content as king.

But if you go deep into the process of thought leadership, it does possess a powerful edge. The strategy builds trust and tackles sales from all fronts, from direct sales to indirect sales, way before the actual exchange of cash for commodities happens. This increases revenue for the long term.

To learn how thought leadership can make a huge difference for your brand and sales today, tomorrow, and beyond, read on.

How Thought Leaders Create Revenue Today.

B2B marketers have hugely underestimated the power of thought leadership regarding demand generation and sales efforts. Actual buyer feedback from the 2019 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study proved that thought leadership directly impacts increasing profits and awarding businesses.

A Way to Close More Deals

Over the recent years, in 2019 and 2020, thought leadership consumption has grown to more than 50 percent. More decision-makers and marketers rely on a company’s thought leadership strategy to vet businesses.

In fact, 39 percent of C-suite executives reported that thought leadership influenced their decision to ask a vendor to join in the RFP (request for proposal) process, effectively closing deals and creating crucial partnerships.

Once you have your prospect interested, thought leadership will help close the deal because it will set you apart from your competition, immediately build credibility and trust, as well as reinforce the value you will bring to a relationship. Having the content in hand allows for this immediate benefit.

Makes Your Brand Stand Out Against Competitors.

While poor content can turn off B2B buyers, C-suite executives claim that they are willing to pay a premium to companies that offer clear and valuable thought leadership content.

Showing your potential clients that you can solve existing industry problems better than your competitors sets your brand apart and can bring more B2B deals along the way.

Produces Reshareable Content.

Done right, thought leadership content has a naturally engaging, omnichannel appeal. Thought-provoking sound bites can be shared across various media platforms, not just on the internet but also on traditional channels.

In other words, relatable content breeds ubiquity that ensures that you can reach your target market in the platforms they prefer using.

Thought Leaders Secure Your Sales for Tomorrow.

Consumers today do not simply buy products. They also buy into the company’s values and ideas. Furthermore, they must be convinced of the expertise, credibility, and authority of a brand in their niche.

Strong Brand Foundation

When thought leaders can tap into the consumers’ need for a reliable brand they can look up to and turn to a brand expert advice, customers will come back for more. As a result, it unlocks the door to improved lead generation and better customer acquisition in the future.

Builds Trust.

Did you know that the majority of buyers say that thought leaders help them build trust in an organization? If there is a disconnect between a brand and its market, thought leaders close the gaps by showing consumers and clients that they share the same values and that their insights can help fellow businesses grow.


Thought Leaders Take Your Company Beyond.

Thought leadership consumption is rising. C-suite executives now spend at least one-hour weekly reading thought leadership content. Because thought leaders broaden your horizons, expand your thinking, and add to your overall value, thought leadership can bring long-term opportunities that will take your sales further beyond.

Vision and substance are more valuable than ever—they determine the next thing you will become as a company.

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